April 18, 2021


Children are really good judges of character!  Paul genuinely loves children—and is much loved by all those in his life—the children of his longtime friends, his Lefkowitz and Connelly nephews, and his own Charlotte. He seems to have as much fun as they do! This photo from six years ago says a lot about Paul—that wonderful smile, his perennial shorts (which he wears even on frigid days), and surrounded by happy kids.  Eli, Ezra, Charlotte and Sam are obviously delighted to be hanging out with him. And that hasn’t changed one bit as they’ve become older. 

There was never any doubt that Paul would be a great father.  He has a fine role model in his dad, Dr. Lewis Lefkowitz.  When he and Heather welcomed their baby daughter, he was all in!  He and Charlotte seem to have their own language and happily spend a lot of time together.  Whatever she’s interested in, he’s always been eager to get involved.  Any dad who will wear a tutu and dance around the kitchen with his little girl or let her paint his toenails blue is a winner!   

He’s a multitalented guy, too.  This photo was from the Young Nashvillians’ reunion concert a few years ago, with Paul continuing his longtime role as the group’s lead singer.  He has also perfected a comedy routine for the family in which he portrays an eccentric Southern widow known as “Green Hills Lady.”  Charlotte and the Connelly boys request new episodes regularly and collapse in laughter at her antics! Gardening is another special talent of his and he’s created a beautiful back yard at their home in Sylvan Park. Each year he adds new features and spends countless happy hours caring for his oasis.

Today’s Paul’s birthday—and I’m celebrating him!  He’s a wonderful husband, son, father, uncle and friend. We are all so blessed to have him in our lives.

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