April 8, 2021


These two little cousins were born just 37 days apart!  Patrick arrived on March 2 in Columbia, South Carolina and Marla on April 8 in Nashville. Celebrating both new grandchildren almost simultaneously was a bit of a challenge for Mama Nezzy and Papa Con. They already had four grandchildren by then—Phil, Pam and Andy plus Heather.  And Marla was the first child born to youngest son Bill and his wife Jane.  

It was a bit of a blur that spring—getting Patrick off to a good start and watching Heather gradually warm up to her new role as “big sister.” But we were thrilled to get the news of Marla’s birth!

This black and white photograph (probably from 1973) of Patrick and Marla has always been a favorite of mine.  That’s our station wagon behind them.  We were stopping by to see their new home on Old Hickory Boulevard and these two-year-old cousins were enjoying a little togetherness!  I can imagine them chattering away—Marla seems to be making a point! They look very serious, don’t they? I love the way they are touching each other.

Patrick’s was probably thinking it’s nice to be with someone so close to his size.  Marla may be be a bit taller at this stage, but at home, he’s used to trying to keep up with a five-year-old sister!

The strangest thing is that black object in the sky.  I have no idea what it is!  Perhaps a flaw on the negative—maybe a kite.  Let’s have a contest to name the mystery object!

Today, Marla Connelly Doehring turns 50!  Patrick hit that milestone 37 days ago. You’ve both become pretty amazing adults. We need a cousin reunion! 

Happy birthday, Marla!

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