April 4, 2021


I always enjoy celebrating Easter as Resurrection Day! Christ is risen! Alleluia!

After I was divorced, my concept of an Easter feast expanded to include other single moms and their children, single friends who were alone, and others.  During my years in Columbia, we had many Easter gatherings at our home, like this one with Joseph and Renee Crump and their little son Hampton.  After Heather and Patrick left home, they and sometimes their friends would visit at Easter. 

Usually the menu included baked ham or turkey, with deviled eggs, potato salad, fresh asparagus, homemade rolls, strawberry shortcake or another spring dessert. Improvising with new recipes is always an option.  

Since I moved to Nashville and the grandchildren arrived, we’ve gathered here several years at Easter.  We dyed eggs, displayed those from past years, and had hilarious egg hunts in the back yard!  One year we had Connelly cousins hunting eggs, and both Brent Faulk and David Williams have been here with their families. 

Last year was the pandemic Easter—with no in-person church services, family feasts or egg hunts.  This year it’s great to be post-vaccine—and I could go to the in-person Easter Vigil at 5:30 this morning.  Maybe next year, we can reinstate the feast!

One of my favorite Easters was one I spent with Heather in Charlottesville back in the 1990’s.  She was house sitting for a family she’d been living with for a few months.  It was a lovely home, and Heather decided (with the family’s blessing) to host an Easter feast for some church and university friends.  She roasted lamb (the first time I’d had that for Easter) and made deviled eggs and other sides.  Most everyone brought a covered dish. Not a family meal exactly—not at home—but a beautiful feast with a dozen or so people who enjoyed being together and who otherwise might have been alone for the holiday meal.  To feasting!

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