March 28, 2021

Hampton, Eli, Ezra, Sarah, Sam and Thomas


First there were Joseph and Patrick—friends and sometimes roommates—and many meals and holidays shared at 159 King George Way. Then we had weddings—Joseph and Renee’s in Columbia with Heather and Cornerstone women preparing the food for their reception; and later, Patrick and Julia’s in Annapolis (when Renee was pregnant with Sarah) and later, Heather and Paul’s in Nashville (when Joseph unofficially became the wedding director). 

This photo was taken in Swannanoa one Thanksgiving weekend.  Joseph and Renee drove up from Columbia for lunch and a visit.  Hampton was a middle schooler and brought his cello to play for us.  It was a joy to see Patrick and Joseph’s six children spending time together.  Despite their age difference, they enjoyed the afternoon, laughing, playing and eating together. 

More than eight years later, these six have changed a lot!  Hampton’s finished college and is going to graduate school, Thomas has been working and going to school, Sarah’s started college. Sam and Eli are in tenth grade, Ezra In fourth.  Somehow I think if the two families got together, they would still find ways to enjoy each other.

Now that I’m going back to in-person church services after more than a year, I’m surprised to see that people have had a baby (when I didn’t even know they were expecting), children who were babes in arms are now independent little toddlers, and everyone’s grown so much taller. 

That’s one reason photos tell a story: a brief snapshot of the way we were on one specific day.  And we search the faces to find that certain something about each person that never seems to change at all! 

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